This Friday will be the release of a new Cole the Caryr track, Thief! Sign up for our mailing list to be the first to know when it’s live. Thief will be available as a free download and we’ll blast it out to all of social media networks so no matter what platform you choose to keep up on you’ll know!

By the way, these are the only official Cole the Caryr social media pages:
Cole the Caryr on Facebook
Cole the Caryr on Instagram
Cole the Caryr on SoundCloud
Cole the Caryr on Youtube
Cole the Caryr on BandCamp

Is Cole not on your favorite platform? Let us know what social media networks you are using in the comments or by emailing!

The cover art for Thief by Cole the Caryr


P.S. My name is Matt Campbell, I am Cole’s producer, engineer and manager.  I handle the majority of our online existence while Cole is busy making more music (just to explain why most of our content is written using pronouns like “we” and “our”).


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